A Data Management and Data Sharing Bibliography for Librarians

It has been a while since I last posted. December was a pretty crazy month and I’ve been working on some excellent projects (more to come on the blog in a few weeks). In the meantime, a colleague of mine – the talented @fsayre – and I have been working hard to compile all of the literature on data management that we thought would be useful for librarians. Since we are both medical librarians, there are quite a few articles that are health-focused, but the majority should be useful for any librarian. 

The two of us are hoping to start a Mendeley group where more librarians can join and share their experiences and ideas about working with data management. We would love to have the input of more librarians, so please let us know via this blog or on Twitter if you would be interested in joining our Mendeley group.

As for this bibliography, while we’ve tried to make it as comprehensive as possible, we encourage people who read this to add additional material in case we’ve missed some resources.  Also, if you’re interested in looking at some other resources, check out my posts on the Data Curation Lifecycle and data management resources for librarians. Happy reading!

**Update** The Mendeley Group is now up and running and you can request to join it here: http://www.mendeley.com/groups/2956801/data-management-for-librarians/. We encourage all of those who are interested to sign up, and you are not required to contribute if you do not want to. Otherwise, we hope that librarians will share resources as well as their experiences working with data.

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11 thoughts on “A Data Management and Data Sharing Bibliography for Librarians

    1. Thanks Cecily. I’m so glad you shared that link because I had saved the PDF of that document but misplaced it in my files. It’s an excellent resource.

      I plan to update the list regularly too so if you find any more feel free to send them along!

  1. This is a great list, Kevin, and I was personally happy to see so many listings from my Library’s “Journal of eScience Librarianship”. I’m glad our authors are contributing to the knowledge base. Thanks!!

    1. Thanks Sally! I’ve really enjoyed reading so many of the articles in the “Journal of eScience Librarianship”. I’m sure I’ll be updating this list when the next issue comes out. I’ve also thoroughly enjoy reading your blog – it’s wonderful to read about your experiences working as an Informationist.

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