A little bit of this, a little bit of that…

Hey everyone,

This is my first attempt at starting a blog about library related issues, and my experiences as a librarian. I’m looking forward to sharing my ideas with everyone and getting feedback.

I’m currently in the midst of getting ready to move to DC from Vancouver for the NLM Associate Fellowship Program. I can’t tell you how excited I am to start this position; when I went for my interview everyone was so enthusiastic and passionate about the medical library profession that I really couldn’t imagine starting my career anywhere else. While my wife and I are busy selling everything we own and preparing to move to a completely unfamiliar place (which I’ll admit can be a bit stressful), the fact that I will be working in an amazing environment  has me jumping out of my shoes in anticipation. I’m excited to use this blog to share my stories throughout the year.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the program, it is an amazing opportunity for new librarians interested in health and medicine to gain expertise in the field, perform research and development in emerging areas of medical librarianship, and gain experience working in traditional and non-traditional environments. Overall, it is an amazing opportunity and I am so lucky to have the chance to spend a year with so many capable professionals.

An article written by Mary Moore back in 2002 pretty much sums up why I applied to the program in the first place. Although it is a bit older, it clearly demonstrates the passion and collegial atmosphere that the NLM provides. The part of the article that really pushed me to apply was when Desi Bravo — a former Associate Fellow, talked about how the people she met during her year inspired her to go out and practice what she learned, and share her knowledge with those who needed it. The passion shown by Desi  was exactly the same I experienced when I had my interview.

Enthusiasm and passion are two things that I think the field of librarianship needs. Getting more involved with our user groups, sharing ideas with other librarians, and injecting enthusiasm into our professional responsibilities will help keep our field relevant in the long run. I firmly believe this. Enthusiasm is infectious, and whether we’re assisting a physician develop a search strategy for a systematic review; working with faculty members to build library workshops; or simply providing reference at the desk, the passion and enthusiasm we display has a positive effect on how our users perceive us and our profession. 


Moore, M. (2002). Developing leaders for hospital librarianship: NLM’s Associate Fellowship Program. Journal of Hospital Librarianship, 2(3), 1-10. 


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